Nourishing Japan

2017 Trailer

This proof-of-concept trailer was filmed in 2017 to help bring awareness and interest to food education Japan. Based on interviews and accounts, the Nourishing Japan team is creating a documentary to help share the story of the service of others of creating Understanding Through Food.




We are pleased to report that Nourishing Japan will be filming in Tsuruoka City, the birthplace of school lunch in Japan and the only UNESCO Gastronomic Creative City in the country. We look forward to an interesting and delicious filming session! 

This project is supported by Independent Filmmaker Project,
which is a 501 (c)(3) organization. 



About this Film



This is a documentary about food education in Japan. More than a story of classrooms and government policies, it is a story of patience and persistence; how consistent effort can teach children and adults alike how we are all connected. We're connected through what we eat, who grows our food, and how it becomes nourishment for the body and soul.

Nourishing Japan will introduce Japanese food education to a wider audience. What is food education? How does it succeed? Who helps to make it possible? Why do Japanese people believe that learning about food is important? 

Food education in Japan could not exist without a dedicated and diverse group of Japanese people who work together for a better future. Comprised of interviews with farmers, nutritionists, teachers, principals, magazine editors, restaurateurs, lawmakers, and more, this documentary will help share the importance of food in our daily lives.


In 2005, Japan introduced the Basic Law on Food Education (Shokuiku Kihonho) which enacted national food education programs in the majority of public elementary and middle schools. Food education (shokuiku) was developed as an interdisciplinary form of education helping children to learn about their lives and the lives of others through the cycle of food creation and consumption. At its heart, food education is a cooperative process that engages Japanese society to support one another and understand our interdependence. 




これらの挑戦に応えていくため、2005年に日本は基礎的な食育に関する法律の実施に積極的に取り組みはじめました(食育基本法)。 この国を挙げた食育プログラムは、日本のほぼすべての公立小学校と、ところどころの中学校でも実行されました。食育は一つの専門分野だけでなく、多分野にまたがる学問です。しかし、一番重要となる核の部分は子供たちに食の生産と消費を通じて、生きることの理解を助けることです。

このフィルムは、日本社会に想像をもたらす献身的な人々の視点から日本の食育の現状を探ります。これは微弱だけれどもとても意味深い方法で一日も欠かさず労力を注ぐ“普通の人々”に焦点を当てたフィルムです。田畑を耕す農業者から行政関係者まで、食育を成功させるに欠かせないこれらの知られざる人々をNourishing Japanは皆さんとともに見ていきたいと思います。






In Cooperation With


Hattori Nutrition College
School Lunch Monthly Magazine
Clinical & Functional Nutriology
Japan Agriculture
Tsuruoka City
Seto City
Nagoya City

...and many more!





Alexis is an independent researcher, food advocate, and award-winning artist. She received her Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and Japanese from UC Santa Barbara in 2008, and her Master's from Harvard University in Regional Studies of East Asia in 2013. Currently, she is Program Coordinator at New York University's U.S.-Asia Law Institute, and a student at the Wagner School for Public Service.